Inexpensive bullet source?

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Re: Inexpensive bullet source?

Postby andrewP on Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:28 am

gun_fan111v2 wrote:After finding out about Montana Gold (, I have been using them almost exclusively. I order by the case.

Even ordering by the case, MGs are expensive. IIRC 124 gr 9mm (JHP, FMJ, or CMJ) is still around 10 cents/bullet when bought by the case from them. Nice bullets, but when you can get coated for more like 5-6 cents/bullet (my last order from [admittedly a black friday deal] came to ~5.8 cents/bullet), it's hard for me to justify jacketed.

aprilian wrote:for coated....Brazos Bullets (or it may be Brazos Precision) is getting good reviews for price, quality and accuracy - their bullets are winning national competitions.

I've heard good things about those, and they're even cheaper than Blue Bullets, so I may have to try them next time I run low.
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