Doe permits are out

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Doe permits are out

Postby Glenn_S on Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:07 pm

I got's me one for Zone 183... :D

The DNR told me that the cards go out this week, but you can't check online until next Tuesday... :?:

Seems backwards to me...

I'll let my wife shoot either buck or doe, as this is her second season hunting and didn't have a good shot last year so passed. She will now have preference for next year and I go back to the end of the line...
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Re: Doe permits are out

Postby smurfman on Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:31 am

I hunt the same zone but did not draw a tag this year nor in years past. There are some decent bucks in the area but they seem to avoid my property for some reason. One ten pointer bedded down only 50 yards off the property line from which I saw and heard it make rubs on a couple of occasions. It weighed over 220 pounds as I recall.

Fortunately, I can fill doe tags from my back yard where I hunt Tuesday-Thursday during the first week. It became a 2 deer zone a couple years back, down from 5 deer a couple years back, so I have to decide if I am going to fill both tags from home or save the one for a buck at the cabin which may not show up. It is nice to have a doe tag for the second week as they tend to wander by all season long.

Good luck to you and your wife.
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