Moose lake willow River

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Moose lake willow River

Postby captnviper on Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:24 pm

Was looking for and having no luck on finding some place to shoot handguns in this area. Open to anything from public land to gun club.
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Re: Moose lake willow River

Postby smurfman on Thu Apr 21, 2016 5:47 pm

Have you tried Finlayson-Giese Sportsman's Club? I am not positive they have a rifle/pistol range but I thought they did. Or, the Sandstone Sportsman's Cub? They have a rifle range ans well as a couple of trap fields. Their main drawback is being located on the south side of the sewage treatment ponds which can get a little rank on occasion.

There might be a place for informal shooting in some of the state forest lands. Chengwatana down by Pine City has such an area and there may be a similar place in one of the state forests on the other end of the county or in Carlton, Aitkin, or Kanebec counties. Same might be available on some county lands though that is probably a long shot- pardon the poor pun. A call to Dusty (the warden for the area, I can't remember her married last name) should hopefully give you some ideas on where you can go.
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