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Wednesday Night Pistol League ICSC

Postby Dakotared on Wed May 04, 2016 11:17 am

Full disclosure I stole the fallowing from Vlad our former RO in charge and updated the information

I hope that this finds you all well! The Wednesday Night Pistol League will be starting up again at ICSC on Tuesday May 11 and then going forward. I attached the rules that we are using this year. I tried to put on paper some of the verbal expectations from years past and to clarify what the expectations going forward. Changes include:
-Running a designated cold line with all pistols coming to and from the line in a case or in a holster.
-We will have a designated area for clearing carry firearms if you are going to shoot with them and this will also be the show and tell area. No Ammo allowed in this area.
-There will be a strict 180 rule enforced on the line, Muzzle control is king with all activities on the line.
- Only shooters or the RO on the forward cement pad while shooting is occurring. I would like to use the covered area for staging, watching and general BSing.

Give me a call with any questions and feel free to bring new shooters out to participate. You must be a member of the club to fully participate in the league but if you want to try it on for fit, you are welcome to come and try.

Isanti County Sportsman’s Club
2016 Pistol League Rules
General Information:
- League is on Wednesday beginning May 11, 2016, at 6:00 pm.
- The league will last twelve weeks with 10 scores toward the total.
- You can make up for weeks you missed, you may also shoot ahead.
- The cost is $5.00 per league round, practice rounds are $1.00.
- All 7 stages will be fired from 21 feet.
- The scoring rings, from the center outward for center fire, are worth 5, 4 and 3 points. A hit in the large white area outside the rings is worth 1 point. Anything outside the heavy black line is zero. A bullet hole touching a scoring ring is worth the higher value. Rimfire will have an additional 2 inch scoring area in the center that will be scored as 5 and then moving outward to 4,3 and 2 points with the large white area remaining as 1 point as above.
- Shooters may only load their firearms on the firing line after the Range Officer has given permission.
- You may only load as many rounds as are required for that stage, no extra rounds.
- All stages will begin with the firearm touching the loading table.
- No telescopic, electric or similar optical sights are allowed. Night sights or fiber optic sights are legal.
- There will be a rim fire class, and a center fire class. You may shoot both if you wish.
- At the end of the league, all shooters will be ranked by total points. The shooters will then be divided into classes. (A, B, etc.) Each class will have a first and second place award. This will result in shooters competing against other shooters of a similar skill level.
- Barricade stages: The shooter must start from a position centered behind the barricade. No part of the shooter or the firearm may touch the barricade. Once the timer beeps, you may only move ONE of your feet.

This is our first and foremost concern! We will be observing the 180dgree side rule. If you break the plane, your shooting is done for the day. Muzzle control is a must! Instruction is available for those that are in need.
This will be a cold line; all firearms must be brought to and from the line in a case and unloaded. If you are shooting your carry firearm, please take to the designated area to clear and then do not remove your firearm until you are to the line. All gun handling and “show and tell” must occur here. No live ammo is allowed in this area.

Range Commands:
The Range Officer will say:

“Are the shooters ready?”
“The shooters are ready.”
!!If you are not ready, be vocal and wave at the Range Officer to get their attention!!

There will be about a 3 second pause, and the timer will beep, signaling the shooters to commence fire.

At the end of the time period, the timer will beep again, and the shooters will stop firing, whether they have finished the stage or not.

If a shooter has a malfunction on Stages 1 through 6, they will have 1 chance to re-shoot that stage. A re-shoot is not allowed on Stage 7, as it makes the target too hard to score.

Course of fire:
Stage 1: 5 rounds, two hands, no barricade, 10 seconds.
Stage 2: 5 rounds, two hands, strong side barricade, 10 seconds.
Stage 3: 5 rounds, two hands, weak side barricade, 10 seconds.
Stage 4: 5 rounds, two hands, no barricade, 5 seconds.
Stage 5: 5 rounds, master hand only, no barricade, 10 seconds.
Stage 6: 5 rounds, weak hand only, no barricade, 10 seconds.
Stage 7: Reload stage, 10 rounds, two hands, no barricade, 20 seconds. All shooters will reload. If you are using a high capacity firearm and only have one magazine, you are allowed to start the stage with all 10 rounds in the firearm however, you will be required to remove the mag, place on the table and then reinsert into the firearm.
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