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Postby atomic41 on Tue May 15, 2018 7:37 pm

hard h2o wrote:
atomic41 wrote:Slightly off topic, I need to put in an application for membership. Can someone tell me when the best time is? Is there an open enrollment date? Anything else you recommend to help the process? (I recall reading something about waiting until June to apply)
Thanks in advance.

We just finished with our new member inductions. Now is a good time. It is never a bad time.

Nothing to really help it along. You get on the list. They open the membership in March I believe and take the number we are allowing in off the top of the list. If you make it you get an email invitation. They will let you know the dates of the orientations. You show up, pay your money (one time initial fee and first years membership dues), show proof of NRA membership, go through the orientation and you are in. You do 18 hours of volunteer hours per year as well as pay your dues on time.

I think there was talk of allowing membership in other pro 2A groups in lieu of an NRA membership but I do not think that went through.

If you decline the invitation you can drop off or go to the end of the waiting list again.

Thanks guys. I just put my name on the list. I'm building a new house close to there, scheduled to be done in July so hopefully next year I'll be shooting out there with a real short commute.
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Re: Oakdale Gun Club

Postby Holland&Holland on Tue May 15, 2018 8:02 pm

Good for you. You will likely get in next spring.
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