QSI 2018 Training Schedule

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QSI 2018 Training Schedule

Postby Erik_Pakieser on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:11 pm

All classes are at Ahlman's in Morristown, MN unless otherwise noted.

All classes are $150/person except the Farnam classes.

Take 5 classes for $600 - that's a free class when you buy 4.

3/24 - Defensive Handgun

4/21 - Defensive Handgun

5/12 - Advanced Handgun

6/16 - Defensive Rifle

7/7-7/8 - John Farnam: Armed Response to Terrorist Attack

7/7-7/8 - Vicki Farnam: 2-Day Defensive Handgun for Women

7/28 - Defensive Rifle

8/11 - Defensive Shotgun

More to come!

Sign up at http://www.qsitraining.net
Fight-focused defensive handgun, rifle, and shotgun training
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