Defensive Rifle I - Saturday May 25th

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Defensive Rifle I - Saturday May 25th

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Defensive Rifle I

This one day course covers a broad range of topics including defensive rifle fundamentals, risk assessment and threat management. In addition, situational awareness, practical equipment, the appropriate application of force, interacting with Law Enforcement, and courtroom savvy will also be featured. Introduces the concepts, practical skills, and lifestyle considerations that prepare the student how to deal appropriately with personal defense scenarios.

Designed for the armed citizen acting alone in self-defense situations, the course provides the opportunity for both new and experienced shooters to improve and sharpen their skills. Training is conducted both in the classroom and on the range.

This course fulfills one of the pre-requisites for Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack with Force on Force with John Farnam, June 8-9 2019.

REBATE RULES Sign up for both Defensive Handgun I and Defensive Rifle I and complete ARTA with John Farnam, you qualify for a $100 rebate.

The course is hosted by Rolf Penzel, Defense Training International Affiliate instructor, Rangemaster Certified Instructor, and NRA Certified Instructor.

Click on the link to register today!

Registration includes range fee. For all upcoming courses and special promotions, please visit

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