Instructors can post their training and permit class info


Postby Bender on Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:24 pm

Same rules from the marketplace apply here.

In response to numerous complaints and concerns about the marketplace, we have decided to take several steps to clean up and minimize the unnecessary clutter. The following rules pertaining to posting, will be effective and enforced immediately.

- The seller of an item may not list the same item multiple times.

- The seller will list a price when posting an item for sale.

- The seller must provide a general location either in their profile, or the listing description, such as city, county, or part of the metro.

- The seller of an item may not 'BUMP' their item for sale.

- Any changes to the item status, availability, price and so on must be reflected in the original post and may be indicated by editing the thread title.

- You may not post additional responses to your own thread to indicate the above mentioned changes.

- The seller may answer questions asked/posted in his thread by posting a response.

- No buyers or other interested parties may post anything in sale threads except for direct questions/answers about the item for sale.

- This means no bumping for the seller, no "good guy" posts, and so on.

- Interested buyers may not post 'PM Sent' or something along those lines.

If the seller violates these rules, they will be given a warning and their post deleted. A second violation will result in their post being deleted without explanation. A third violation will either result in a "time out" or loss of marketplace privileges at the discretion of the moderator staff.

If a buyer or other interested party violates these rules, their comments will be deleted without explanation. Habitual violators may also receive a time out or have their marketplaces privileges removed.
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