Looking for host for reality based training

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Looking for host for reality based training

Postby omega8omega on Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:23 pm

Hi everyone!
I am wondering if some clubs in Minnesota are willing to host reality based training. Please let me know so we could work on details. I hope also get interest from instructors as I will need some help and it might be a good opportunity for your students to do through situation based training and for you make few $$. Last year i had classes at Beaverbrook gun club and it was fun. This year I would like to do it there and some other place.
Force on force situation based training, as no other training, puts everything one has for testing. This is not about shooting skills - this training is about mind set, making flight or fight decisions, ability to assess and think clearly in critical situations. It won't be your usual day at the range, guaranteed.
Students will be put through "real life" scenarios where they are tested in survival mindset, situational awareness, and decision making capabilities. They will be confronted with unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations in order to familiarize themselves with such eventualities and learn to prevail.
Students will use Glock 17T firearms that fire "Simunition" like marking ammunition only.
This one-day class is limited to 10 people maximum to allow adequate trainer to trainee ratio (1 : 5). Guns, ammo and protective equipment will be provided.
Course Outline
-Protective Shooting
-Strategies and Tactics for Use of Deadly Force
-Managing and Adapting to Unknown Situations
-Close Quarter Shooting
-Drawing from Concealment
-Shoot / No Shoot Scenarios
-Establishing a Tactical Mindset and Decision Making

More information is available at http://omegasbt.com/
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