Steel Shoots and other ideas for 2020

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Steel Shoots and other ideas for 2020

Postby Drizzle on Mon Dec 23, 2019 10:11 pm

No, Benny is not authoring this. Sorry for those of you looking for dates.

My question was: Is there enough interest to have a Back Up Gun match to either replace one of the monthly matches, or to have a separate date for a BUG match. I brought an idea up like this a long time ago when I thought around about a WWII themed match, where you would have to use a gun made before 1945. I was thinking of old 1911s, 1903s, Lugers, P38s, or whatever else.

Online (I know) I've seen neat BUG matches in AZ with five shots required, so you can shoot a snub Smith or use the one mag you have for your CZ27, PPK, 1903 or whatever.

I also know the chorus will be Do It Yourself! I know the Steels have built in audiences, and doing something the same day after a Steel is tough, since most people are ready to go home, but I thought this was a good time of year to present the idea.

Thanks everyone.
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Re: Steel Shoots and other ideas for 2020

Postby Rotary12 on Fri Feb 07, 2020 11:27 am

Sounds interesting, but I don't have any "classic" guns. My 1911 is about 10 years old.

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