And Now It's Tony Cornish To Be Burned At The Stake

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Re: And Now It's Tony Cornish To Be Burned At The Stake

Postby Holland&Holland on Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:21 pm

bstrawse wrote:
BigBlue wrote:If any of you don't think the Cornish allegations were driven by the anti-gun crowd you're nuts. This is entirely an accusation of convenience, taking advantage of the current climate of this topic to secure a political victory. As for why it worked, there must have been some type of relationship involved back in 2010, probably with text messages or pictures being sent, that was going to be the leverage for a 'lawsuit'. So, while there may have been something to the situation, it was brought up now for politics. If it was personally important to this lobbyist she would have done something back in 2010.

Respectfully, I disagree that this was driven by the anti-gun crowd. If it had been, I'd be the first person screaming about it.

They gain nothing w/ Cornish's ouster - the new incoming Chairman/Chairwoman will be a pro-gun rights Republican. Cornish will be replaced in his seat in the chamber through a special election by a pro-gun rights Republican.

We stand a good chance of replacing the anti-gun Schoen with a pro-gun rights candidate as well.

Honestly, I have a hard time believing that is true considering her profession.
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