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Postby LarryFlew on Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:11 pm

Holland&Holland wrote:
Yes, I do believe a Mr. Nice Guy could if he was the right Mr. Nice Guy. I just have not seen the Republicans put anybody up though who was that right Mr. Nice Guy. I do actually like some of Trumps edginess. I do not like when he acts like a spoiled brat. But he is a person so you get the good with the bad and we obviously are getting much more good with him than bad. Surprisingly so, I gotta be honest, when I voted for him the first time I actually feared he might have been a democrat plant.

Certainly have to agree since I never liked him as a person even B4 running for president but thought from the beginning that if anyone could actually run the Gov like a business it might be him. Considering the people and media against him and the hoops a president has to jump through to get things done I think he has done an amazing job. The group we are all in at least thinks ahead knowing we can't get it ALL done where the others seem to think it's a multi person dictatorship and only they can decide what happens.
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