Biden announces zero tolerance for FFL violations

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Re: Biden announces zero tolerance for FFL violations

Postby ex-LT on Mon Aug 09, 2021 7:36 am

akodo wrote:Actual bad practices: It does sound like the ATF was being really kind to FFLs who were doing some shady stuff. For example, letting the gun out the door before the NICS transaction came back clear. Now, I don't like NICS wait times any more than the next guy and think technologically there is no reason any check should take more than 5 minutes. BUT that doesn't mean I agree with FFLs who ignore that part of the law. I also hear there were many who were getting no real punishment for failing to log guns in and out, not a few but large quantities.

RE: the highlighted portion

FFLs are legally required to hold a gun for three business days if they get a "Delayed" response on a 4473. If, after three days they have not received a response from ATF, they can - at their discretion - release the gun to the purchaser. Releasing the gun after the three-day wait is NOT "ignoring that part of the law".
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Re: Biden announces zero tolerance for FFL violations

Postby Lumpy on Mon Aug 09, 2021 9:00 am

jdege wrote:
yukonjasper wrote:They are systematically putting the Capitalist, Constitutionalists, Conservatives on the wrong side of the law so they can appear to be justified in whatever actions and methods they undertake to crush opposition. This happens with the consent of the frightened masses.

If you take away from people any ability to defend themselves, they will insist upon a police state, for their own protection.

Unless you don't even get a police state, you get anarcho-tyranny instead.
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