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Postby minnesotatv on Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:43 am

All items located near St. Paul, MN. Local pickup is ok.
Items priced shipping additional.

SOLD Magpul AK MOE pistol grip. New in box. $15.00

Quick detach AK scope/red dot sight mount. Like new. $15.00

New 7.62x39 chamber brush. You need one when cleaning your rifle. $5.00

SOLD AK front sight adjustment tool. Adjust windage of the front sight, and
elevation of the front sight post. Lightly used. $15.00

SOLD Add-on lower tang for milled receiver rifles where your receiver only
has upper tang, and you want to securely mount a modern stock.

Magpul grip Sight Pusher Chamber Brush.JPG

SOLD Ak gas tube in good condition. 4 holes per side, I think this is Chinese. $15.00

SOLD Muzzle thread converter. Halcyon Defense made AK47 muzzle adapter - converts
M14x1LH to 5-8/24 RH threads. Add this to your rifle and use widely available
5-8/24 muzzle devices. New $20.00

SOLD Standard AK47 slant brake. M14x1LH threads. $5.00

SOLD AK magazine follower for 7.62x39. Might be chinese - $3.00

SOLD recoil buffer $5.00

SOLD...2 side sling mounts - one with screws, and one without screws, $5.00

Basic black butt pad. $3.00

SOLD Tapco "Galil" style front handguard, in good condition. $10.00

gas tube  buffer tapco handguard.JPG

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