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Reloading brass for sale

Postby Bobbyboy on Sun Oct 21, 2018 9:51 am

Previously fired, mixed headstamp brass that has been cleaned in crushed walnut media and polished with Turbo Brite. This brass is in very good shape. Looking for face-to-face cash sales. I will not ship.

Purchase $45 or more of brass and I will travel to meet you within reason (for example, southern Metro, Rochester, Mankato). I live in Owatonna.

Here's what I have at this moment, with pricing:

.223 - $25 per 500. 3,000 pieces available. All brass. Mixture of commercial and military.

9mm - $25 per 1,000. 10,000+ pieces available. All brass.

45 ACP, mostly brass with some nickel, sorted to include only large primer. 600 pieces for $30.

380 Auto, mixture of brass and nickel pieces, 500 pieces for $20. 1,000 pieces available.

222 Remington Magnum, 65 pieces for $10.
270 Win, 127 pieces (79 brass, 48 nickel) for $19.
30-30, all brass, 77 pieces for $12.
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