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bras, brass, brass

Postby 45Badger on Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:48 am

Cleaning out the basement..........


900 pieces of squeaky clean and shiny mixed .223 brass. In 200 count bags. $12 per bag or $50 for all 900 rounds

200 pieces of clean (hot water and Dawn detergent, rinsed and rained twice) but not all shiny mixed brass. $10


3000 pieces of squeaky clean/shiny Federal brass - $75 per 1000 or $200 for all of it.

1150 pieces of Speer SMALL PRIMER brass - $75

1889 pieces, mixed head stamps, mostly 1x fired. Hot water washed in Dawn detergent, rinsed and drained twice.

FTF St. Louis Park / Wayzata /Hopkins or where convenient to both of us

Thanks for the interest!
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