Primers of several kinds

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Primers of several kinds

Postby LarryFlew on Tue Jun 04, 2019 10:08 am

Trying to standardize my loading primers so these are for sale. Price on the right is if you buy them here, price on the left is current retail without shipping. Offers?? Can deliver to 1st Wed lunch, June 15 Hutchinson steel shoot or Tuesdays to Chaska Shakopee areas.

BUY THEM ALL I WILL THROW IN 2 RELOADING LIGHTS your choice strip or round

$5/$6.20 200 Federal #200 small pistol magnum primer
$10/$11.80 320 CCI #300 large pistol primer
$25/28.00 1000 Winchester WSP small pistol primer
$15/19.60 700 Winchester WSP small pistol primer

Trades considered
.32 jacketed bullets or factory ammunition
9mm Montana gold RN 124 bullets
Berrys 124 hbrn TP, or 124 HHP
Unique, H110 or Varget powder

???????????????? Trade, Give it a shot, worst I can do is say no.
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