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estate fired brass, nos bullets, nos powders

PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 1:11 pm
by johnk
Thanks for the mortar guy that noticed I was selling 40mm...

The following lists indicate what I have to best of knowledge. I don't reload but my recent sales of this sort of stuff support my evaluation and pricing.
Price will be cash or postal money order. Material is in western suburb. Will not ship. Home pickup or meet somewhere, preferably western Mpls burbs.
email to with a contact number for reply.

The brass lists are categorized. Each category is priced by weight for the entire amount; consider partials but no cherry picking.

brass case condition (?) weight, lb

1 9mm range 130
2 rifle, pistol range 32
Price: $250

brass case condition (?) weight, lb

3 AR-15 clean, deprime(?) 52
4 308 rifle range 17
Price: $150

brass case condition (?) weight, lb

5 9mm clean(?) 125
6 40cal ni plate, clean 28
Price: $250 (will sell 40 separately for $50)

Bullets are in unopened boxes or bags; count is total available.

bullet type count price, cents

1 Montana Gold 40cal 165g FMJ 2000 7 sold

2 Berry Blue 9mm 147g RN 5000 4

3 ACME 9mm various 400 4

4 ACME 40cal 180g FP 100 7 sold

5 Nosler 22/77 .224 FMJ HPBT 1000 15

6 pulldown .223 55g FMJ 4000 5

powder condition quantities

1 VihtaVuori N320 seals intact 1,4,8lb $20/lb

2 WIN 768 sealed 2lb $20/lb

2 others mostly sealed various $15/lb

Thanks for looking, John