RCBS Universal Case Prep Center $350 obo

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RCBS Universal Case Prep Center $350 obo

Postby VMAX97 on Tue Jan 07, 2020 2:04 pm

RCBS Universal Case Prep Center $350 obo

Selling my RCBS case trimmer and prep center unit to fund a new Giraud trimmer.
Bought this about 4 years ago and have since gotten into long range shooting. This unit is great for all case prep from pistol to rifle and saves a ton of time.
I averaged 50 seconds per case and that was with trimming, deburring, chamfering, flash hole trimming and a run through a nylon brush on the inside.
I cannot say enough good things about this unit. I had the previous version and loved that one too. This is much improved over Version 1.

RCBS Trim Pro Case Trimmer 3-Way Cutter 22 Caliber
RCBS Trim Pro Case Trimmer 3-Way Cutter 30 Caliber

I also have two Three way cutters so I can switch between 223 and 30 cal cases quickly. These will be sold separately 2 $40/each unless someone wants both and we can negotiate a combo price
These cutters save time by deburring and chamfering the case in one step.


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prep center2.jpg
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