>.40 and .45 Ammo For Sale-Price Drop

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>.40 and .45 Ammo For Sale-Price Drop

Postby Don L on Fri Apr 17, 2020 1:24 pm

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I've got some extra ammo in some calibers I don't shoot much. It's all about 10 years old, stored in temp. and humidity controlled area. All of it shoots just fine. There are four lots for sale as lots only:

Lot 1: 700 rounds of .40 Blazer alum. 165 gr. $200.00 or Best Offer
Lot 2: 650 rounds of .40 Federal HST 165.gr. $225.00 or Best Offer Boxes are marked "Not For Law Enforcement Use" HST ammo at training ammo price!
Lot 3: 500 rounds of .45 ACP Blazer alum .230 gr. $150.00 or Best Offer
Lot 4: 460 rounds of .45 ACP Winchester Super-X 230 gr. 185.00 or Best Offer

I'm in the south metro area-if there's any interest or questions, feel free to contact me.
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