FS. (UPDATE)Mec Jr. Reloaders 28gs & 20 ga

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FS. (UPDATE)Mec Jr. Reloaders 28gs & 20 ga

Postby DonT on Wed Jun 19, 2024 9:07 pm

****Tough Crowd, Let's try a price adjustment and a few tweaks to see if we can entice someone.... ;) In cleaning up my shop I found a couple of bottles and will include these to the first person to take one of the loaders!!!!!! I also tweaked the price a bit....

Got rid of my shotguns in these gauges so the loaders can go.
All are in good working condition and I have used all up until the snow fell this last winter.. You will need both a shot and powder bottle for each one and these are available from Midway for about $13 each or you can also find them used at some of the local gunshops or shows for $8-$10 each.
Anyway they all come with the charging bar and powder bushing I was using. I will toss in some wads of the appropriate gauge with each loader and I will also include some hulls to get you started. In my opinion shotgun shells are much easier to load than rifle or handgun and a good place to learn loading. If you load for rifle or pistol, loading shotgun shells will be a breeze. I still use one of these to load for my 12 Gauge!

Need $150 NOW $125 each for these picked up at my place in White Bear Lake.
Got a question, drop me a note....
Thanks for taking the time to look!
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