Help with optic selection

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Help with optic selection

Postby LarryFlew on Sun Jun 30, 2019 2:36 pm

Finally thinking optics. 71 year old eyes need some help. Need to try some on one of my 75B guns before getting a mount for my SP01 Shadow because I already have a mount for those. So far looking at prices etc have confused me more than helped. #1 for this temp setup the holes are set up for Burris FF and Doctor which i believe also includes the Venom. All of those and a few more are close to the same price. I

Any good or bad experiences?

Do any in that $ range come with green dots since i have used green FO for MANY years? Haven't found any if they do.
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Help with optic selection

Postby gun_fan111v2 on Sun Jun 30, 2019 7:30 pm

I bought a used 1911 with a JPoint mounted on it few years back. Two things from my experience:
- it was on a mount that fit into existing sight dovetail that made it sit considerably higher, it was hard to get used to
- I learned that I have mild astigmatism, as the nice dot is more of a small “star” to me

So in the end, I took the JPoint off and installed a Fiber Optic front with black rear.

When I decide to try this again, I will definitely get a pistol with a pre-milled slide or send one of my pistols to get the slide milled so the optic sits lower.
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Re: Help with optic selection

Postby TSKNIGHT on Mon Jul 01, 2019 4:11 pm

I have a Holosun 507c on a G17.
I put it on my Buckmark last summer to try it out before I spent the money to mill the slide on the G17.
It got banged around quite a bit and works perfectly. I like the shake awake feature too.

The Holosun has the same mounting as the Trijicon RMR at almost half the price.
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