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.FTF Handgun sale/purchase and forms

Postby hammAR on Sun Dec 06, 2009 4:20 pm

For a Face to Face (FTF) sale or transfer of a firearm, Minnesota law doesn't require you to do anything, that is ONLY if it is FTF with another MN resident.

Minn. Stat. § 624.7141
It is a gross misdemeanor for any person, including a private
party, to intentionally transfer a pistol or assault weapon to
another knowing that the transferee has been found ineligible
by a law enforcement agency to possess the weapon or
knowing that the transferee is disqualified from possessing
the weapon. The violation becomes a felony if the transferee
possesses or uses the weapon in furtherance of a violent
felony within one year after the transfer. The penalty does
not apply if the transferee subsequently becomes eligible to
possess the weapon before using or possessing it in the
commission of a crime.

However, to exercise due diligence and to CYA it is advised that you should require a Bill of Sale form, two copies so that both the Buyer and Seller can retain one for their records. But at an absolute minimum, during the FTF transaction you should require to see a valid ID (MN Drivers License), as well as either a Permit to Purchase or a Permit to Carry.

While there is another BOS form in the Reference section, it does not have space for recording such details. I have attached a modified version of the form below for public use.

Thanks to LarryFlew and Widge for information included in this post.

Bill of Sale.pdf
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