Loaning Use of Reloading Equipment

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Loaning Use of Reloading Equipment

Postby OldmanFCSA on Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:18 am

I offer to all, who are interested in Reloading of Centerfire Cartridges, usage of my reloading equipment, support equipment, tools and other accessories, within my facility.
This allows for new reloaders to try different equipment to properly decide what would be the best choice of equipment for them at time of their equipment purchase.
There will be limits on extent of usage, but for longer term usage, equipment may be rented for a fee.

I live near Osceola, Wisconsin and all equipment and tools remain on site.
I require a scanned copy of your Drivers License to be e-mailed to: before entering my facility.
I require you to bring all reloading components, unless a pre-arranged purchase is made from my stock.
I require you to purchase your own dies and shell holder as required for your application.

I expect a major contribution to the heating fund for use of the equipment.
Chronograph services may be utilized dependent on weather conditions.
Any damage to equipment must be replaced or paid total replacement at current costs.

I reserve the right to refuse use of equipment if improper usage is observed.
And I reserve the right to demand you leave the property if any theft or damage occurs. I may call sheriff also.

Otherwise, I sincerely hope a friendship is created, a learning process has happened, and a safe loading practice occurs.
I must approve of all reloading data and components prior to allowing use of equipment.

SSam may drool while looking at the equipment as long as he does it at same level as my guard dog, MurphyT. No drooling on the equipment allowed.

I enjoy meeting & teaching while reloading of centerfire cartridges.
If you are allergic to dogs, don't come.

PM with questions, I will edit this posting as needed.
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