FS Taylor Guitar or trade for truck

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FS Taylor Guitar or trade for truck

Postby damanupnorth on Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:37 pm

FS wonderful Taylor GC8e
The only way to get a new one is via the Taylor Custom
shop or settle for a new Taylor 812 (812’s are only $3300-$3500
so much better price than the Custom shop price)

This work of art was give a complete one over, neck pulled and checked,
action set and the Taylor ES system replaced with newer brand new)
system by Rusan Guitars in Bloomington it is in perfect playing condition
and looks fantastic. It’s a 2007 I have kept in temp & humidity controlled
environment and as the 2nd owner for past 8 yrs has been played about 10 hrs
but sound gets better every year - Bob Taylor knows his stuff.

Selling for $1900 or trade for PU truck

Even the case looks brand new

Dan Eagan MN



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