FS. Piledriver 390 Crossbow & Acc. <<Price Tweak >>

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FS. Piledriver 390 Crossbow & Acc. <<Price Tweak >>

Postby DonT on Wed Oct 30, 2019 11:52 am

Lotsa lookers, if you have a serious interest kick me over an offer, worst I can do is say no! Adjusted the price to help you make up your mind... 8-)

Letting my Carbon Express Piledriver 390 Crossbow go. I bought it new about 5 months ago and it took half a dozen times to the range.
Package came with:
Crossbow (185# draw weight, shoots those little bolts at 390FPS)
Scope (worked ok but like gun packages it was a cheapy and I wanted a step up)
3 Bolts (carbon) with Field tips
Crank, which makes cocking that 185 pounds a breeze.
Rope for cocking
Rail lube

Additional accessories:
6 more carbon bolts with field tips
Nikon Crossbow scope, currently mounted on bow
Allen Padded Crossbow Case with lots of room for gear
Yellow Jacket Target rated for crossbow. Bought new only shot a couple of dozen times in nice weather, everything is still like new. {Not Shown)

This bow is super fast and extremely quiet. It's trigger is rated as one of the smoothest in the industry. It is short, wheel to wheel, making it great for stalking or on a stand. And accuracy, well out to 40 yards don't shoot at the same spot or you will be ruining bolts, it is scary accurate...

I have only taken this bow to the range a half dozen times, everything is like new.
Midway currently has this crossbow on sale for $389.00, you can buy this whole setup with all the extras for $475.00 NOW $425.00 FINAL REDUCTION $385.00 Cash and Carry picked up at my place in the northern burbs...

Thanks for taking the time to look...

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