Wood is spoken for!! Thanks All...

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Wood is spoken for!! Thanks All...

Postby DonT on Fri Sep 11, 2020 1:57 pm

Not sure if you have looked for lumber recently but it is in Short Supply and if you can find it you would think it was made of Gold... So do I have a deal for someone!!!!

Took down a privacy fence at my inlaws and knowing that wood is at a premium thought I would check here to see if someone could use it. These are 1X6 boards (actually about 3/4" x 5 1/2") and most are 58" long after trimming off ends where nails went thru. This was one of those staggered board privacy fences and at the current time it appears there are about 45-50 boards. All seem straight and are painted with redwood stain. I am in the process of cutting off the ends & getting really tired of dorking with it. I am NOT a wood guy so I think they are redwood but could be cedar. They are in good shape and if you were looking at putting up a shorter (4 foot or so) fence they would work great or you could run them thru a planer to take the stain off them and use them for furniture or what ever. Also there are the 4X4 upright square posts that appear to be treated lumber that you can also have at the same low discounted price (FREE). Doing some searching an 8 foot 1x6, if you can find them, are selling for about $13.00 each so you do the math. A lot of value for free!!!!!

Here is the deal the wood if available picked up where it sits, you load it, take it home and finish trimming it. It is located in North St. Paul about 1/4 mile east of Maplewood Mall at my in-laws place. I would like this to be an all or none deal, no cherry picking... ;)

If you can use it, drop me a note and we can work out a time. I will leave this ad up one week then I am going to take the chain saw to the wood and get rid of it in the garbage or burn it in my kids fire pit.

Thanks for looking, the clock starts NOW!

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