Priceless Match Ammo Reloading Training (yep -OldmanFCSA)

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Priceless Match Ammo Reloading Training (yep -OldmanFCSA)

Postby warrlac on Thu Aug 01, 2019 4:20 pm

    A few years ago I purchased a 50 BMG rifle and was able to hit absolutely nothing.
    I upgraded the optic and the mount and bought better ammo. And am now able to hit stuff as long as I keep shooting at it over and over (Ouch!)
I finally realized that nothing was going to change for the better unless I got some professional help --- Enter OldmanFCSA.

On Monday I spent the day with Oldman at his shop in Osceola and received the benefit of some of his intimate knowledge about the 50 BMG cartridge. Oldman knows not only the 50 BMG, but virtually every other modern cartridge that you have (or may not have) heard of. It's fair to say that whether you are beginner or highly experienced, any shooter who arranges training at Oldman's shop will learn a variety of innovative techniques, time tested methods and new ideas. You'll be exposed to some fascinating custom tools and begin to understand that creating match ammo is a journey into knowing what you are doing (extra important with 50BMG), reducing variation and measuring/testing everything.

It has been said before, but bears repeating -- Oldman is more than generous with his time, his equipment and even his reloading supplies. By the time we finished Doug had not only provided me with the detailed instruction and procedures to load match quality 50 BMG, but also sent me home with ten complete match cartridges that (under Oldman's watchful and trained eye) I made with my own hand!

There's an another thread here on Guntalk that references a North Carolina reloading class at $160. I've looked lately and find that most "precision rifle" reloading courses start at around $450. Oldman works on a donation basis, ergo it's free and you are welcome to reimburse whatever you feel is appropriate for the time, training and materials you've used during the day.

All in all, I know of no better value period.

Highly recommended.

P.S. -- I have not made it the range yet with the 50 but I'll report back once I get a group on target with my Oldman assisted match loads!
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