Stock and Barrel Club - Draw From Holster Class

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Stock and Barrel Club - Draw From Holster Class

Postby MasonK on Thu Oct 08, 2020 9:15 am

Draw from holster ($149):

Pros: Fun atmosphere, grants the privilege to draw from the holster at the firing line, cool instructor (Kevin)

Cons: The draw they teach is very safe, but also not the most efficient. Good for first-time shooters to gain confidence, but not the draw you want in muscle memory if quarter seconds count.

Overview: As the name implies, you learn to draw and fire safely from a holster. Each step is gone through one at a time until the student has an understanding of the body mechanics and can perform the movements slowly with competence. Instructor Kevin took all the time needed to work with shooters new to weapon manipulation while offering fine tuning suggestions to those of us who were more advanced/trained in drawing.

Practical work: On the firing line, we ran through a series of drills where we would draw and fire on static and moving targets.

Takeaways: The most important thing I took away from the class was that 10 years of draw and dry fire practice was totally overridden by bad habits I developed target shooting in a shooting bay over the same period. After completing the drill, I would lower my gun to assess my work and not scan for additional threats because that’s exactly what I’ve always done in a shooting bay under normal conditions. You can practice all you want at home, and you can punch paper all day long, but when you’re suddenly doing both at the same time, all your bad habits come to the surface and that was the most important thing I learned at that class.

My experience: 3/4 of the class had barely ever held a gun before and 1/3 had just completed their PTC course within the 2 weeks prior. You could tell the rookies because they had expensive guns and the cheapest, most horrific nylon holsters that I wouldn’t use to carry a toy pistol. It was good to see people who were new gun owners taking actual training because we don’t know what we don’t know, and crappy holsters fall into that category. As noted, Kevin took time to help these people and we were all supportive of each other.

Recommendation: 100% recommend. Bill’s GS, Burnsville Pistol Range, Osseo Gun Club, and pretty much every range I’ve shot at will not let you draw at the firing line without being a licensed peace officer. This is a basic and critical skill that the armed citizen needs and having the right to practice that on the firing line with live rounds cannot be understated. I think it's overpriced, but that's the cost of admission if you want to draw on the line.
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Stock and Barrel Club - Draw From Holster Class

Postby gun_fan111v2 on Thu Oct 08, 2020 1:41 pm

Thanks for sharing, did they allow IWB holsters?
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Re: Stock and Barrel Club - Draw From Holster Class

Postby MasonK on Thu Oct 08, 2020 2:59 pm

gun_fan111v2 wrote:Thanks for sharing, did they allow IWB holsters?

Most people had IWBs. I was one of two OWB users. Most of the instruction was centered around drawing from IWB under a shirt. I use an OWB under a suit coat, so I trained with how I normally carry.
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