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Postby grimbeaver on Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:28 pm

Holland&Holland wrote:I am confused. Is this thread not about a SOTA upper that looks out of alignment? Who is Evan?

Evan is Sigfan220 (look at his signature at the bottom of his post). He mentioned he had a similar experience with a different small outfit. Apparently JFettig feels the need to defend himself even though Sigfan220 made no mention of him or his shop.

Like I said I've written it off as a lesson learned. Should the original purchaser get in contact with SOTA I will update with their response when I hear it. However based on the poor quality of the parts received so far I'm not very confident that any replacement would be much better.
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Re: SOTA Arms...

Postby Sigfan220 on Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:15 am

JFettig wrote:Evan, did you forget the part where you were asked to bring it by the shop to check it out and then you didn't and continued to bash it. From what I hear, the new owner loves it and all his mags drop free.

I'm not trying to make a big deal about my lower from a local manufacturer that you are affiliated with. Just saying be careful when buying lowers. This was a long time ago now so the details are fuzzy. What comes to mind was he didn't really think he could do anything. I am very busy and am not about to make a 40 minute drivel if I was under the impression that nothing would be done. As I reccall he said he could file out the magwell a bit!! This is not a and acceptable solution. I don't know what other manufacturers are going to do but I was not happy with the way it was handled. I'm not bashing your design, more the customer service. It probably would have worked fine but for a $250-300 +/- lower I would expect near perfection. I'm not sure what the other two parties involved told you about the situation, it sounds like somebody maybe was upset and made me out to be a villan.
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