Beste's Sporting Clays & Pheasant Hunting Preserve

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Beste's Sporting Clays & Pheasant Hunting Preserve

Postby Jack's My dog on Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:39 pm

This weekend my Brother, Dad and Cousin decided to get in a post season hunting preserve trip in to break up the winter. We went to Beste's in Sauk Centre. We had set a reservation for Saturday, but the owner, Chad, called Friday night to ask us if we would rather try Sunday, as he thought the birds were not going to fly to well with the weather anticipated for Saturday. I thought this was pretty considerate of him and we took him up on the change to Sunday.

When we arrived Sunday Chad had already set the birds we purchased on the property. He showed us around the club house and cleaning room, showed us the boundaries of the property on a google earth map, and sent us on our way. We did not have a guide, as we had our own dogs. We took 2 laps around the property to rustle up our "limit" of birds which took us about 4 to 5 hours. We saw plenty of birds on the property, way more than we purchased, which accommodated some poor wing shooting on our part.

The property has 2 food plots, some evergreen rows, and a few different sections of willow thickets and dog woods. There are also sections of prairie grass, but that was pretty filled in with snow. In my prior to game farm experiences we hunted in pretty well manicured grass. The differing cover was more fun to me. I would note that some of the cover has the sporting clay equipment interspersed so you need to be cognizant of where you are shooting.

The club house has a cleaning room, which we used, but they do offer cleaning. Many of the roosters were much bigger than I expected, and had a decent amount of meat on them.

Overall the prices were definitely fair, if not better then the other places I called, and we had a good time. I may even bring the pup out again before the end of the winter to get her a bit more action.
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