College suspends mother for posing with gun. She's suing.

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Re: College suspends mother for posing with gun. She's suing.

Postby Randygmn on Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:57 am

I agree that if this photo was posted in a vacuum, without any pretext, I’d suggest the college stepped in it. I also agree that there could be more here for the college to take such drastic measures. We don’t know if this lady has a history of threatening or even violent behavior at the school or if it carried over off campus. We don’t know if there’s a backstory to the social media post and what the subsequent interactions with others on there looked like. We literally have 2 data facts. It’s everything in the middle that we aren’t aware of yet that should inform our opinions.
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Re: College suspends mother for posing with gun. She's suing.

Postby Holland&Holland on Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:41 pm

Grayskies wrote:
xd ED wrote:It is said the photo in question was at a 'range'.
You might not see a threat, but of the three examples, which would get your attention if you came upon it in real life; either at a range or in the field?

You ever been to a gun range that would tolerate the exhibited behavior of that pair?

I would have attempted to correct the behavior, I would not have tried to get her thrown out of college or fired or...

We know nothing about any safety precautions that might or might not have been taken. The camera might have been on a tripod or range table and down range, I see video like that all the time on Youtube.

Since when is it acceptable to throw students out of college for posting pictures of stupid behavior? I would suspect colleges would be empty if that standard was adopted.

They do all the time.
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