Maine ‘Gun Safety’ Coalition Oversees Negligent Firearm Disc

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Maine ‘Gun Safety’ Coalition Oversees Negligent Firearm Disc

Postby jdege on Mon Jun 17, 2024 7:27 pm
Maine ‘Gun Safety’ Coalition Oversees Negligent Firearm Discharge at Gun-Giveback
The gun safety experts accidentally fired a musket round into two cars
One of Maine’s primary gun control advocate groups, the Maine Gun Safety Coalition, oversaw a gun-giveback program on Saturday at local police departments throughout southern Maine.

Despite the focus on gun safety, contractors working with MGSC and the Old Orchard Beach Police Department failed to practice basic gun safety when they attempted to saw a loaded blackpowder rifle, which led to the negligent discharge of the firearm.

Luckily, instead of injuring any bystanders, the musket round instead damaged two vehicles.
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