LadySeed -- River Falls, WI -- This weekend.

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LadySeed -- River Falls, WI -- This weekend.

Postby AFTERMATH on Wed Sep 11, 2013 6:11 pm

Hello ladies,

There are still 5 spots open at the LadySeed in River Falls, WI -- This weekend.

LadySeeds are a Ladies Only version of Appleseed. See link here:

An Appleseed for women, taught by women -- I can only imagine what goes on there. There's got to be some sort of plotting! ;)


My friend Trisha will be running this event and she asked that I share it with folks in the Twin Cities area - River Falls is just across the border... Sorry it's kinda short notice here. It might have slipped my mind until I received a 'gentle' reminder last night...

Check it out!

P.S. This may not exactly be the best place to post this, as it is an event/class, but it is specifically for women.
So, I figured I'd post it here - Besides, if there seems to be enough interest; I can arrange to have one here in Minnesota.
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