Dealer to transfer new suppressor from out of state?

Re: Dealer to transfer new suppressor from out of state?

Postby Erud on Sat Nov 21, 2020 6:27 am

Good that they made an effort at least. About 15 years ago I won a Glock certificate at a GSSC match. Bills Gun shop said they could do the transfer, so I got a copy of their FFL, filled out the form and sent everything in to GLOCK. The form was very clear about not calling Glock to ask about the status, so I didn’t do that. After a few months, I started calling Bill’s every so often to ask, and they always replied that they hadn’t seen it yet. After about 6 months, I finally called Glock and they told me they had sent it out within a month of receiving my cert, and gave me the serial number. I called Bill’s with that info and they found it in their inventory. In hindsight, it seems pretty amazing that they hadn’t sold it to someone else by then.
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