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EAA 10mm

Postby dragonb8 on Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:31 pm

Question i have an EAA 10mm steel frame.
Does all full size 10mm mags fit this gun.
EAA of course.
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Re: EAA 10mm

Postby Seismic Sam on Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:02 am

The answer SHOULD be YES. However, back around the year 2000, EAA's lineup had LARGE frame guns and small frame guns. The large frames were 45 and 10mm, and the small frames were 40 and 9 mm. So the 40 and 10mm mags were NOT interchangeable. That being said, the general answer to your question should be YES. The only other problem you might encounter is if you have a gun that is a Tanfoglio instead of an EAA. All EAA's are made by Tanfoglio of Italy, and sold in this country by EAA, which is an American dealer. IIRC, Tanfoglio had a line of compact 10mm pistols that had smaller capacity mags.

Just checked my EAA full size pistol and mag, and it holds 14 rounds of 10mm ammo. With one up the pipe, that's 15 rounds of 10mm ammo, which makes this gun a VERY potent deterrent. It's worthwhile to know that Mec-Gar is an aftermarket magazine manufacturer, and they sell magazines for EAA/Tanfoglio pistols. They have a slightly more expensive line of mags that are called "low friction", which means that the inside of the mag has a slippery coating on it, and this makes one hell of a difference in the loading and feeding of 14 round 10mm mags. If you have the opportunity to get the Mec-Gar low friction mags, by all means do so!!
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