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Unloved Handguns

Postby Drizzle on Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:05 am

Not not a sales pitch, but it is posting bait, since there's been nothing on here for a month.

Tell the assembly about an unloved handgun you bought, recently preferred (or not) that you got a deal on, like for unfashionable reasons, bought as it's a holy grail gun or just enjoy having because of literary or film use, for example (all you Beretta 92 owners, I'm looking at you).

I'll go first; I got a Beretta Cougar 8000F from another source, priced reasonably, nearly new. I need a full size mag for it, and it's basically the size of a 92, but I'm guessing it shoots like a 92 for me, which will be pretty good. It's a 9mm handgun and I have a good deal of ammo, which is nice in these times. And it's a bit of a curiosity these days, being an original Beretta, not a Stoeger, from prior to 2004, I think. I had a Stoeger Cougar I liked, and this one may yet end up as a Christmas present to someone.

Next contestant?
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Re: Unloved Handguns

Postby Holland&Holland on Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:18 am

No such thing.

Beretta 92s are sweet shooting guns.
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Re: Unloved Handguns

Postby Holland&Holland on Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:22 am

Ok, I’ll bite. Taurus judge with the 6 inch barrel. Bought it for grouse while deer hunting. At the time it only do 2.5s. Then they came out with the 3 incher. Had to upgrade
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Re: Unloved Handguns

Postby crbutler on Thu Sep 10, 2020 10:09 am

The handgun that I probably think the least of is one that I got from my late uncle.

He had rather eclectic tastes in guns, and as I’m the gun guy in my generation, and the executor was worried about them sitting around, I got the lot of them. So I paid $0. But, my uncle and shooting buddy died; so it was no bargain.

This particular gun is one of the NAA mini revolvers. Complete to alternate .22WMR cylinder. When he brought it, I asked him what he was thinking.... and shot it with him one time.

I shot it the best of all of us... a 6” group at 7 yards.

We all got bit by the cylinder gap with the WMR cylinder, the LR cylinder spits too, but not as badly.

He thought it a neat concealment gun. I think it’s an accident waiting to happen. But picking it up brings a smile remembering that day 20 years ago...
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Unloved Handguns

Postby dismal on Thu Sep 10, 2020 10:23 am

On a whim I bought a polymer Taurus .357 magnum. Small, light, and incredibly unpleasant to shoot. Even with .38 special rounds it’s still pretty bad.
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Re: Unloved Handguns

Postby yukonjasper on Thu Sep 10, 2020 12:28 pm

I got in on a SAR K2 45 when EAA was blowing them out. Like the gun but have had ongoing issues:
#1 the rear sight was off from the factory. Ahlmans adjusted it enough to be passable but not great and no after market sight exist without some machining.
#2 this 14 round lead slinger feed jams every round higher than 5, so it is essentially a 5 shot semi auto.

Love the way it shoots, low bore axis + heft=controllable recoil, so I will hang onto it to see if the mag spring will lighten up (as suggested by Siesmic Sam(RIP) some years ago. And hold out hope that a rear sight will become available to allow for proper adjustment.
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Unloved Handguns

Postby gun_fan111v2 on Thu Sep 10, 2020 5:31 pm

I guess my Steyr M9 qualifies for this thread. I bought it to try the different sights and grip angle and even though it is a high quality pistol built like a tank and with a good trigger I still prefer my XD.
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Re: Unloved Handguns

Postby Spirit on Fri Sep 18, 2020 7:59 pm

My entry would be my Lionheart LH9C. This is an upgrade of the Korean Daewoo K5/DP51. Great military pistol build like a rock. The pistol features a"fast action" trigger mechanism which allows the hammer to be decocked/lowered while still keeping the mainspring compressed, basicly putting it into a light double action mode.
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Re: Unloved Handguns

Postby smurfman on Sat Sep 19, 2020 8:54 am

I have several that meet the various criteria.

First is a Mossberg Brownie. 4 barrel, 22 LR pistol in which the firing pin rotates between the barrels rather than barrels rotate to the firing pin. I need to pick up a reproduction of the push rod/extractor which slides into a pocket between the grip and frame. I bought it because it was unique.

Second, the H&R semiautos in 25 and 32 ACP. Designed and made but Webley I believe, they are odd looking and typical of pocket guns of 100 years ago.

Next, the Savage 1905 auto pistols the above competed against. The 32 ACP versions are fun to shoot but the 380 version tends to tear chunks out of the thumb webbing.

Iver Johnson PT22 is another now unloved gun. I carried for a while as a carry piece or back up for several years in the 80s and 90s but rarely any more. It's prominent selling point was that one could pull the trigger and that would deactivate the safety. The next trigger pull fired the gun.

An Iver Johnson Sealed 8 revolver is next. It was a regular knock about gun but it had its quirks. It shot very high with anything fed in it, even CB caps, and one needed to remove the cylinder to empty and load the cylinder. At least the cylinder pin doubled as the push rod.

Yet another Iver Johnson pistol (seems to be a trend) in 25 ACP can be added to the list. This one was unfired and came in a "presentation" case with paperwork so it followed me home. It is a late manufacture gun and the assembly quality is in question. Some of these had a tendency to come apart when fired so this one will remain unfired - at least by me.

I'll end this list with a Pietta copy of the Colt 1860 revolver. It is a fun gun to shoot but a pain to load and clean. It holds a soft spot in my heart as it kept me from being stomped by an increasingly ornery Hereford. I was cutting through the pasture when she decided she didn't like that. I saw her heading my way and made for the fence as quickly as I could on snowshoes. She caught me just shy of the fence and she just missed me as I fell to the side to avoid her. I pulled the pistol as she turned and shot her in the head, dropping her right there. I left a message for my neighbor who owned the cattle. He called later asking me who's cow I shot as they were all there. Looking closer he found the ball flattened against the skull. It was a win for all as I didn't get hurt and the cow survived with a change of attitude.
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